History Uncut

This 12 part series uses archive with as little mediation as possible allowing stories to unfold as the camera saw them at the time. The series covers key events like the opposition to the first Tri Cameral Elections; The 1987 Miners Strike; the late eighties Defiance Campaign; the war between Inkatha and ANC youth in Soweto; the uprisings in the Eastern Cape and the release of Mandela and ANC leaders.


Duration: 26:9
In August 1984 P. W. Botha introduced a Three Chamber Parliament in an attempt to co-opt coloured and Indian parties into the whites-only government.
Resistance organisations called for a boycott of the first Tri-Cameral elections.


Duration: 25:40
Attempts to forcibly remove residents from the township of Leandra to the homeland of KwaNdebele led to clashes wit h the police. The Leandra Action Committee led by Chief Ampie Mayisa and Abel Nkabinde took the lead in resisting the proposed removals.


Duration: 26:8
In May and June 1986 Witdoek attacks destroyed satellite shanty-towns around Crossroads outside Cape Town, leaving 60 000 homeless and 60 dead. It was widely alleged that the Witdoeke were receiving police support.
Afravision was at Crossroads for two days when comrades aligned to the democratic movement resisted the second major Witdoek attack.


Duration: 26:9
In Cape Town 1989 Defiance campaign peaked at the time of the Tri Cameral elections in September 1989. Organisations called for a stay-away as a protest against the racially exclusive electoral system.

Defiance Campaign

Duration: 25:46
In 1989 a defiance campaign was launched by the Mass Democratic Movement targeting Apartheid laws and institutions. The police reaction inspires further defiance which builds across the country.

Cape Town Peace March

Duration: 26:9
On 6th September 1989 there was a nationwide boycott of Apartheid Elections. Police responded to protests in Cape Town killing 23 people. The deaths gave impetus to the defiance campaign and culminated in a huge show of strength as people marched through Cape Town calling for an end to police brutality.

Eastern Cape Funerals

Duration: 24:4
On March 21st 1985 police fired on a funeral crowd in Uitenhage killing twenty people. Across the Eastern Cape there was a cycle of police shootings, then funerals and more shootings…

Miners Strike

Duration: 26:12
August, 1987. 340 000 mineworkers come out on strike over working conditions and wages. The Chamber of Mines begins dismissing striking workers and the industry is plunged into crisis.


Duration: 26:3
In October 1989 following months of mass action and defiance the Government announced its intention to release senior liberation movement leaders.

Inkhata - ANC Clashes

Duration: 25:34
The unbanning of political organisations in 1990 intensified the contest for political power and influence especially between Inkatha Freedom Party and African national Congress supporters.


Duration: 24:35
Samora Machel was killed in an aeroplane crash on 20th October 1986. The circumstances surrounding the crash led many to believe South African Security Agencies might have been responsible.

Namibian Exiles Return

Duration: 26:25
Namibia 1989. After decades of struggle, the implementation of UN resolution 435 prepared the way for the return of all exiles to participate in Namibia’s first democratic election.

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