Afravision is a company that evolved out of the VNS collective that documented struggles in South Africa from the early eighties until 1994.

VNS, formed by Laurence Dworkin, Brian Tilley and Mokoenyana Molete was a full time unit that worked closely with the unions, civic and youth groups within South Africa and co-ordinated directly with the ANC in exile. The archive built up over this period is the most comprehensive and in-depth of that period running to three thousand hours. The unit covered strikes, clashes with police, funerals, union congresses, communities organising and many other struggle issues.

Afravision is creating archive based programming that aims to bring this valuable material to life again and make it more useful in society.

This 12 part series uses archive with as little mediation as possible allowing stories to unfold as the camera saw them at the time. The series covers key events like the opposition to the first Tri Cameral Elections; The 1987 Miners Strike; the late eighties Defiance Campaign; the war between Inkatha and ANC youth in Soweto; the uprisings in the Eastern Cape and the release of Mandela and ANC leaders.

Uses historic interviews done with ANC and democratic movement leaders in the eighties and early nineties. The idea again was to cut as little as possible and to look for sections of key interviews that tell a story in the most direct way. The first episodes of this series feature Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu and Ahmed Kathrada, and unionists Jay Naidoo and Emma Mashinini.

The aim with both these series, is not to make FILMS out of the archive, but to process them into a form that allows viewers to interface with the past in an engaging and direct way.


For more information or access to material contact:
  Laurence Dworkin
  Brian Tilley

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